Family On Benefits Refusing To Work


A BRITISH family reliant on benefits all their lives have begun refusing to work despite earning millions of pounds leeching off the British state, WWN has learned.

The Windsors, who live in various subsidised homes across the UK, have been unavailable to work for quite some time with hard-working people now calling for their benefits to be cancelled over their lackadaisical approach to work.

“Yes, I understand the father isn’t well at the moment but they’re all just lounging around scrounging off taxpayers’ money and refusing to even turn up to family engagements,” one self-employed citizen told WWN, whose taxes help pay for ‘these lazy shower of bastards’.

Recently claiming exhaustion, from God knows what, stepmother Camilla has now also bowed out of doing any work for the foreseeable future, along with daughter-in-law Kate.

“Probably in their pyjamas drinking cans of supermarket branded cider watching Loose Women,” suspected another hard-working British citizen who is sick of freeloaders sucking up all the exchequer funds, “if they don’t want to work, they should be cut off… and don’t even get me started on the uncle, he’s a fucking nonce apparently”.

Known for their extravagant lifestyles, top of the range clothes, cars and stately homes, the Windsors are expected to continue raking in tens of millions of pounds every year without doing a tap, however there may be some hope that a family member abroad may step up to the plate.

“One of the sons went to America to seek a better quality of life for himself and make it on his own and we’re hoping he’ll return now with his lovely wife to try and redeem the family’s name,” a source inside the family circle speculated.