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Ukraine Sells Banksy Murals To Buy Surface To Air Missiles

THE UKRAINIAN defence forces have confirmed a fresh order of surface to air missiles after its fast-acting government sold seven new Banksy murals which the elusive artist erected around Ukraine. The famously illusive artist painted several murals in Ukraine including a ballerina defiantly dancing amid the rubble in Borodyanka, which was promptly cut out from… Read more »

Putin’s 28 Day Special Military Operation Going Well

JUST 263 days into his 28-day special military operation in Ukraine, army chiefs and advisors to Russian President Vladimir Putin have all agreed things are going well, WWN reports. “When you put aside the economic sanctions, losing European gas and oil revenue to the tune of billions and the countless soldiers killed over the last… Read more »

Republicans Shocked Running Deranged Women Hating Candidates Not A Big Vote Getter

SENIOR US Republicans are scratching their heads after the party failed to match pre-election predictions of huge gains. “Slogans such as ‘we’ll make you carry your rapist’s baby even if you’re 13’ just didn’t connect with folks as we’d hoped, Dr Oz saying women need a politician’s permission for an abortion was our most liberal… Read more »

Local Man Just Can’t Empathise With Iranians Living Under Tyrannical Religious Extremism

LOCAL IRISHMAN Damien O’Fannell has failed in his admittedly brief attempt to find some commonalities between the Irish society he grew up in and the current struggles faced by Iranian people seeking to break free from religious influence, which claims its authority comes from a religious deity, on personal freedoms. “I’ve no reference point for… Read more »

Scientist Discover Species Of Very Suspicious Frog

SCIENTISTS in Ecuador are hailing the discovery of a new species of rain frog which is exceedingly suspicious in nature. “I’ve been hurt before” explained the frog, discovered only in the last week by a group of researchers. “Trust no one, only snakes around here,” the frog, named Fred, said referring to its main predator… Read more »

“I Couldn’t Have Done This Without The Help Of Some Pretty Terrifying Religious Extremists”

BENJAMIN NETANYAHU has thanked far-right nationalist and religious extremist politicians including convicted racist Itamar Ben-Gvir, stating that without their support he would not be on course to sweep back into power. “There’s no way embracing the religious extremists too extreme for a significant number of Israelis will come back to bite me in the caboose,”… Read more »