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Hammered Taoiseach Wildly Swings Punches At Biden Before Being Subdued By Security In Traditional St Patrick’s Event

FILLED with hooch after abstaining from food since his arrival, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar was led into the White House this afternoon as part of a traditional Saint Patrick’s event acted out every year since the founding of the state, WWN reports. Uttering profanities at staff and those in attendance, Mr. Biden gave the Taoiseach the… Read more »

Putin’s Invasion, A Performance Review

MARKING the 1st anniversary of the 8th anniversary since Vladimir Putin began his invasion of Ukraine by annexing Crimea, Waterford Whispers News sat down with the Russian leader to give him his annual performance review: Look Vladimir, under deliverables and sales targets, we’re going to have to put down ‘fail’. Don’t get all Sadimir now,… Read more »

We Spend A Day With Putin’s Speechwriters

AS part of an ongoing quest to be at the peak of creative journalism, several WWN staff members were sent on an away program with some of the Russian government’s key PR people, including a pair of writers who worked on Vladimir Putin’s latest state of the nation speech. Here’s what we learned from the… Read more »