Leaders Spend Time At NATO Summit Guessing What Ailment Biden Might Have


DESPITE AN agenda full to the brim with the world’s most pressing security issues, WWN has learned that NATO leaders spent much of their Washington meeting talking very slowly to US president Joe Biden.

All hopes that the latest gathering could result in substantial progress on supports for Ukraine soon evaporated as leaders were preoccupied with playing amateur neurologists.

“The NY Times is saying some Parkinson’s doctor was in the White House, but I dunno it looks more like D.O.M to me,” said newly installed NATO secretary general Mark Rutte, diagnosing Biden with Doddery Old Man.

A number of Russian sabotage attacks in European cities, including the arrest of a former Russian solider for plotting a terror attack in Paris, barely received a mention as talk all led back to how old, frail and confused Biden looked.

“I heard he invited the 91-year-old president of Cameroon just so he wasn’t the oldest person here,” gossiped German leader Olaf Scholz.

“Joe, myself and Emmanuel here where just thinking what’s 17 multiplied by 23, and would you know the capital of Canada by any chance? Do you know how to get home?” Justine Trudeau inquired of Biden, forming an off-the-cuff Alzheimers test without MRIs and CT scans at the leaders’ disposal.

Gaza was another pressing issuing which didn’t make the official agenda at the meeting of leaders, not due to speculation on Biden’s health, rather the leaders simply don’t care.