Neighbours With Elaborate Halloween Decorations Think They’re American Or Something

AN EMERGENCY meeting of the Beechwood estate residents association has called for immediate action over one family’s insistence in decorating the outside of their house in elaborate and over the top Halloween decorations, like they’re American or something, living in America. The Moores, who reside in no. 35 with the blue garage door and the… Read more »

RTÉ Player To Switch From Diesel To Electric

RTÉ have unveiled a number of new environmentally-focused schemes that will kick into action over the next few weeks, starting with an update to the creaking old diesel-powered RTÉ Player, which currently dumps tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere as it tries to keep up with the nine people who still use it. The player had… Read more »

Remains Of Ancient Teletubby Found At Mound In Stonehenge

BRITISH archaeologists excavating Silbury Hill at the ancient site of Stonehenge have today unearthed what is believed to be the skeletal remains of 3,000-year-old teletubby, placing the extinction of the humanoid race even later than previously thought. During a routine dig, archaeologists working under Professor Gareth Montini of Oxford University discovered an unusually enlarged skull in a mounded area near Stonehenge,… Read more »

‘The Joker’ Reviewed By An Angry Mother Who Hasn’t Seen It

THE HIGHLY controversial movie (according to online media) has been the source of fierce debate (according to online media) sparking calls for discussions on how movie violence encourages real life imitators (according to online media). The Joker, released today in cinemas, illegal downloads, in the ‘synopsis’ section of Wikipedia pages and in carefully crafted online… Read more »