“Just Give Us The Tallafornia Episodes & We’ll Be On Our Way” Hackers Tell Virgin Media

HACKERS who have interrupted regular programming at Virgin Media TV have confirmed that they will undo the chaos they have wrought if the company give into their nefarious demands. “All 22 episodes, ads cut out. Hard copy DVD,” confirmed the hackers. A wave of relief reportedly washed over IT specialists at the broadcaster upon learning… Read more »

Blackbird Robbed At BAFTAs

FANS of the number one Irish blockbuster film of the century have called for a total boycott of the BAFTAs after their favourite film didn’t even secure one single nomination or award, sending shockwaves through the film industry. Despite a good result for inferior Irish movies like ‘The Banshees of Inisherin’, the Michael Flatley masterpiece… Read more »

“We Bonded Over Growing Up Watching Stranger Things”

PUBLICISTS for actor Leonardo DiCaprio have denied the 48-year-old is dating a 19-year-old model, which at one day in length would make the rumoured romance one of DiCaprio’s longest relationships. Despite the denials issued to WWN Celebuzz, we have obtained leaked recordings of DiCaprio speaking enthusiastically with a close friend about a new and burgeoning… Read more »