Peaky Blinders Movie To Give Fans Rare Chance To See Tommy Shelby Outsmart Rivals


THE NEWS all Peaky Blinders fans have been waiting for; a movie featuring Tommy Shelby has been greenlit and is set to blow the cranium of PB fans right off their heads and into orgasmic smithereens, according to creator Steven Knight.

“You think you know the world of Peaky Blinders, but you ain’t seen nothing yet,” confirmed producers Netflix, hinting that Tommy Shelby will square off against a villain who has him facing certain death and insurmountable odds only for the Brummie badass to enact an ingenious plan, completely hidden from viewers, in the very final moments.

“You’ll think Tommy is finally done for but at the last minute, thanks to a twist we’ve kept from the audience because we reveal he was actually never in true peril and that sense of jeopardy was completely insincere,” added a Netflix spokesperson.

With the promise of a scene featuring a ten minute unbroken psychotic stare down the camera from Oscar winner Cillian Murphy which suggests he’d think nothing of reaching down your throat and using your own intestines to strangle you, shares in flat cap manufacturers soared by 40% percent.

“The show is a phenomenon, the mere announcement of a movie has created 500 new jobs in the ‘putting alpha male quotes over pictures of Tommy Shelby for TikTok videos’ industry,” explained one movie expert.

Internet forums were sent into overdrive at news of the movie potentially containing another 40 slow motion sequences soundtracked by a cover of ‘Red Right Hand’ and Tom Hardy being less audible than a fart on the far side of the sun.