Gail Platt To Bow Out After 50 Years In Storyline That Sees Her Join Hamas


GAIL PLATT actress Helen Worth has announced she will be leaving Coronation Street after 50 years, prompting writers on the soap to begin crafting an exit storyline for the iconic character.

“Gail is in her 70s now, and she spends a lot of time idle, sitting around, scrolling social media and is unwittingly but predictably groomed by a Hamas terrorist,” explains head writer Paul Priestly.

Forgoing the usual way of coming up with storylines which involves drinking for 10 days straight on no sleep while putting liquified Daily Mail headlines directly into their eyes via eye drops, Corrie writers have taken great care to give Gail a send off worthy of the character.

“Obviously joining Hamas becomes appealing to Gail after she is arrested for throwing a milkshake at Nigel Farage, and there’s the debt she’s in from owing Andrew Tate for doing live camera sex shows online from Romania. She’s been backed into a corner and feels there’s no way out,” explained Priestly, who gets a bonus every time a viewer audibly mouths ‘what the absolute fuck?’

“It was a close tie between this storyline and Gail dying in childbirth after giving birth to the ghost of Betty’s first every hot pot, and all after signing a one year contract extension at Real Madrid, that was too tragic an end for Gail” concluded Priestly.