Maggie Smith Announces She Has Entered Her ‘Fuckboy Era’


SETTING UP an Instagram account specifically to make the announcement, Maggie Smith has confirmed her DMs are open and she’s only in the market for unreliable men with sleeve tattoos and six packs.

“It’s Fuckboy Summer and everybody’s invited,” confirmed the two-time Oscar winner, in a post accompanied by a thirst trap of a selfie.

Smith said it was ageist to suggest women in their 80s couldn’t make incredibly poor decisions when it comes to their love life.

“I’m not looking for anything serious, not looking to get attached, just focusing on me for now,” said Smith, in a statement which clearly revealed she was about to fall head over heels for an emotionally distant, insensitive manboy who can’t be relied on for anything except a good rogering.

Smith stated it was her intention to spend the summer in Ibiza ‘making bad decisions’.

“Can someone set me up on Raya?” Smith’s second Instagram post said, before a lengthy back and forth with a well meaning young niece who would have to spend the day guessing Smith’s password.