Dad Not Getting Why TikTok Video You Showed Him Is So Funny


DESPITE receiving universal acclaim from your two sisters, your brother and your mam, local dad Fergal Cassidy is at a loss as to why the TikTok video you are showing everyone is funny, and he has a number of increasingly irritating follow up questions.

“Well if that’s what they’re calling comedy these days,” dismissed 55-year-old Cassidy, who was unable to the decode the meaning of a commonplace meme video format that has been popular on the world’s most popular video sharing platform on the planet for a number of years.

“How was I to know I was meant to be reading the writing going by on the screen?” an annoyed Cassidy continued.

Digging in his stubborn heals as efforts were made to explain what is funny about the video featuring a man, his girlfriend and her new dog, Cassidy began feeling a strange mix of self-consciousness and embarrassment.

“No, no, no I get THAT part,” Cassidy angrily bellowed, referencing a part of the video he absolutely did not get.

With tempers fraying in record time, and despite you loudly repeating phrases like ‘he’s saying the guy she told you not to worry about, yeah? But the guy is the dog? How do you not get it, Jesus’ Cassidy showed no signs of letting the penny drop.

“Feck sake, I didn’t think I’d need a degree to understand so-called ‘funny’ videos,” Cassidy said, ready to storm off and only returning later in the form of sending several racially insensitive proper comedy videos sent into the family WhatsApp.