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Government Hit New Heights By Fucking Over Nursing Home Patients, Mother & Baby Home Survivors & Disabled People In One Week

THE COALITION government has hit new dizzying heights of ‘surely this will collapse the government?’ this week after unveiling plans to exclude 24,000 survivors of Mother and Baby Homes from a redress scheme because hey, they probably haven’t suffered enough trauma in their lives. Coupled with doubling down on their defence of an indefensible legal… Read more »

Fun Memory Game: Try Memorising Names Of TDs Who Voted To Exclude 24,000 Survivors From Mother & Baby Homes Redress Scheme

IT’S important to challenge the mind and remain mentally agile, and what better way to test your memory skills than by trying to memorise the list of TDs who voted in favour of legislation that would exclude 24,000 survivors of Mother & Baby Homes from a redress scheme. Here’s a challenge – don’t just memorise… Read more »

Good News, It’s Friday. Bad News, Ireland Needs 62,000 New Builds Each Year, Not The Current 33,000 Target

TGIF, are we right? It’s nearly wine o’clock and the weekend couldn’t come soon enough. Positive attitude, blessed with gratitude. In the ‘negatives’ column however is the news that as the Government’s Housing for All policy fails on a variety of targets, a report has revealed 62,000 new units need to be built each year… Read more »

Breaking: They Are All Fucking At It

AFTER carrying out the most basic and rudimentary work, the nation’s media can confirm it turns out every single political party in Ireland is incapable of adhering to the rules governing political donations and declarations. “Yeah turns out whether it’s not bothering to pay invoices to a business in Sinn Féin’s case, Paschal’s sudden memory… Read more »

Bertie Ahern Can’t Believe The Things That Qualify As A Scandal These Days

“POLITICIANS these days, wha?” said former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern, slapping his forehead in a bid exaggerate his disbelief. “An undeclared/record subsequently corrected political donation of €1,400 from a friend who has received €8.7mn in government business and sits on the board of the Land Development Agency? Pathetic, baby infants stuff, we were Champion’s League level… Read more »