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Police Question DJs After Liz Truss Murdered Live On Air

THE brutal vivisection of Prime Minister Liz Truss on local radio stations in the UK yesterday has become a police matter, with Scotland Yard tasked with bringing those responsible to swift justice. “The Prime Minister was spotted in good health – relatively good health, that is – at 8AM yesterday morning, following a nice relaxing… Read more »

“Here’s Some Money Now Fuck Off”

SPEAKING to WWN today about yesterday’s big Budget ’23 giveaway, Taoiseach Micheál Martin advised the nation not to spend it all on silly things, and if everyone could stop annoying the government and remember to vote them in again when the next election rolls around, that would be great. “You’re welcome,” Martin began, referring to… Read more »

US Proves There’s Nowhere They Can’t Bomb

NASA’s successful mission to crash a spacecraft onto a distant asteroid has been heralded as a complete success, and proof that even deep space isn’t safe from aerial assault by the US government. The ‘DART’ mission, not affiliated with the even more dangerous transport system in Dublin, was launched in November of last year in… Read more »

Date Confirmed For Schofield & Willoughby Beheading At Tower Of London

SUCH has been the disgusting nature of Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby’s queue skipping behaviour, not even massive tax giveaways to millionaires or the pound hitting a 37-year low can distract the British public from what’s really important. And this morning the This Morning hosts have been served severe justice. At 10am this Friday, Schofield… Read more »