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Sinn Féin Launches RepubliCoin Cryptocurrency

ADAPTING to the future and revolutionising their ability to fundraise, Sinn Féin have officially entered to cryptocurrency market. “We have to look into these alternatives in fairness, lads who donate €4mn to a political party in their will don’t grow on trees,” said Pearse Doherty at RepubliCoin’s launch. Financial experts have described the move as… Read more »

“The Fact I’m A TD & A Vampire Will Not Impact The Way I Vote On Bloodsucking Legislation”

UNDER FIRE fror not previously declaring his status as a vampire who thirsts for human blood, local TD Dracula O’Neill has spoken out against criticism he has received, rejecting the accusation that his being a vampire has unduly influenced his voting record on bloodsucking legislation. “I think it’s wrong to make such a point of… Read more »