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Least Worst Option Wins French Election

DEMOCRACY fans across Europe are celebrating the least worst option winning the French presidential election with Emmanuel Macron securing a second term in office as he defeated Marine Le Pen, regarded as the ‘holy fuck, that’s terrible’ option. “Hells bells, de Gaulle’s balls! Thank goodness for that, I can go back to ignoring French politics… Read more »

Macron & Le Pen Clash Over Russian Loan, Right For French To Carry Out 8 Affairs At Once

A TENSE and hotly contested tête-à-tête, France’s only televised debate between Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen largely served as both candidates’ last chance to let voters know where they stand on big issues. However, Le Pen receiving a loan from a Russian Bank which remains unpaid, being investigated for fraud and her nakedly xenophobic… Read more »