Nation Sends Signal Into Sky In Bid To Get Vincent Browne Out Of Retirement


A DESPERATE NATION in need of seeing their public representatives squirm in discomfort as their bolloxology is called out have raised an improvised bat-signal in the sky calling for a far greater hero than Batman; retired Irish broadcaster Vincent Browne.

“Shit eating grins on all of them, they know they can get away with just talking in circles, Vincent, we need you,” pleaded the public as it feels it can’t take much more of politicians waffling to such an extent that they have rendered the English language meaningless.

Flourishing due to the inability of the media to them call out for the dearth of ideas, lack of specific details on policy proposals and constant evasion when clearly not answering the question they were asked, politicians remain so emboldened the appearance of the old TV3 logo being burned into the night sky is the only hope for the desperate Irish people.

“I just watch old clips on YouTube and pretend he’s eviscerating Stephen Donnelly over the cost of the Children’s Hospital rather than the fact he jumped ship to Fianna Fáil in a naked act of self-importance and lust for power for power’s sake,” lamented one old Tonight With Vincent Browne viewer.

“Six years now and I miss his brow beating of meritless suits who think it’s their divine right to poorly run the country,” added another cradling a picture of Vincent Browne on his TV3 set close to his chest.

It is believed the beacon will remain lit in the sky until such a time Browne grumpily gives in and returns to grilling politicians.