Ministers In Korea Sign Okja Meat Export Treaty


THE IRISH government delegation on a trade mission to South Korea are celebrating sealing a treaty which will see them supply the meat-mad Korean market with a steady supply of Okja.

The so-called super pig was originally supplied to market by the Mirando Corporation, but Irish farmers have in recent years bolstered their herds with an aim of opening up the Korean market and it has paid off.

“Irish meat is famous the world over for its quality, and with the intensity of the industry’s Co2 output only having to increase by 140% thanks to this deal I see no draw backs,” confirmed Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue.

A bigger, plumper form of swine, such is the demand for Okja in Korea the deal represents a big win for the recently maligned industrial farming sector of Ireland.

“We want to put on record that the Okja has no feelings, possesses no brain cells, no pain receptors and thusly this trade deal simply achieves one thing; a win for the little guy, the humble Irish farmer,” confirmed a spokesperson for the publicly traded International Conglomerate Of Industrial Scale Teeny Tiny Local Farms.

“I cannot stress enough how there absolutely isn’t a little girl chasing us, trying to rescue her beloved pet,” the ICOISTTLF added.

However, one farming expert stated that the cost involved in maintaining an Okja herd means that an ordinary farmer stands to lose 150% of every euro they spend.

“Ah whisht now and take a few subsidies there like a good man,” confirmed the Dept of Agriculture, shooting endless subsidies out of a confetti canon.