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Boris Johnson Reveals Yoga Practice That Allows Him To Wriggle Out Of Anything

BRITISH Prime Minister Boris Johnson has finally let the secret of his scandal-dodging success slip, after revealing that a lifetime of Yoga exercises has left him with the inner calm needed to navigate the countless political quagmires he’s found himself in. Dubbed ‘the Bullingdon stretches’ by Boris (as he believed the word ‘Yoga’ sounded too… Read more »

Putin’s ‘De-Nazification’ Of Ukraine Looking A Bit Nazi

RED-FACED Red Square officials are kicking themselves after their so-called ‘de-nazification’ of Ukraine accidentally spiraled into pre-planned war crimes and further escalation which would not unreasonably invite comparisons to an actual Nazi regime with a love for inhumanity, WWN can confirm. Embarrassed Kremlin officials are now broaching difficult subjects with their leader Vladimir Putin, for… Read more »

“Yes You Can Have Citizens Assembly On Neutrality” Taoiseach Tells Nation That Asked For One On Drugs

AFTER YEARS of steadfast campaigning by charities, advocates, former drug users and experts, the government recently delayed the citizens assembly on drugs to the specific date of ‘dunno when’, as clearly requested by the public, WWN can confirm. “And not only that, we’ve been overwhelmed by the loud calls for a referendum on neutrality so… Read more »