Report: Top 7.7% Of Earners Paying For The Rest Of You Workshy Layabouts


A NEW REPORT from the Parliamentary Budget Office highlighted the fact those earning over €100,000 accounted for 54.1% of the total income tax and USC payments in 2021, further cementing the feeling that workshy low wage workers are taking the piss.

While many workers earning well below that sum highlight the tax burden they are levied with, the report shows how reliant the exchequer is on the top 7.7% of earners, who aren’t shy about voicing their displeasure.

“Oh boo hoo, you hate the shit public services you think you fund with your bread crumbs of a €2k income tax bill, how do you think I feel getting rode for big boy tax and I don’t even use the HSE ‘cus I’ve the top tier health insurance?” groused one high earner.

“Surely there’s some God-awful government scheme my tax could be going towards that teaches you layabouts to get up off your arse and earn some proper money so it’s not just me paying for the dole heads,” added another high earner, who could only console themselves with their financial stability.

Reacting to the report, the coalition confirmed it would do all it could, with the help of opposition parties, to cement the Us vs Them narrative between classes rather than drawing attention to how dysfunctional and poorly run some well-funded state agencies are.