Revealed: What Would It Take For Israel To Cross Biden’s ‘Red Lines’?


FOLLOWING the White House confirming that the Israeli army’s bombing and murdering of civilians in the Al-Masawi camp in Rafah does not cross any ‘red lines’ drawn up by the Biden administration, WWN has sought clarification on what would constitute crossing a ‘red line’.

The White House National Security spokesman John Kirby provided us with the following list of graphene strong impassible red lines which have grave consequences for anyone who dares cross them:

Blockading Biden’s supply of ice cream.

I know the President said the IDF going into Rafah would be a ‘red line’ a few weeks ago, but that red line was written in disappearing ink, easy mistake to make.

If Israel refused to give US companies any of the contracts for rebuilding an Israeli-occupied Gaza then we’d have to act.

The White House physician can confirm President Biden is newly colour blind and so all red lines resemble green lights to him.

Biden would consider sanctions for anyone pointing out what the accepted dictionary definition of a term like ‘red lines’ is.

A red line will be plucked from thin air in the event of Israel discovering vast deposits of oil in Gaza.

Before talking ‘red lines’ we must allow the IDF to carry out an independent investigation into whether the IDF did any wrong.

If Israel were to bomb an US warship. No, not like the USS Liberty, that was different and totally excusable.

It’s not killing seven aid workers anyway, that’s for sure.

An exploratory investigation has been undertaken already by the President himself in search of the red line, and the President says that the taste buds on his tongue suggest it is somewhere deep in Netanyahu’s butthole, and the President will need to do significant licking until he can sure beyond all reasonable doubt.