Government Really Enjoying Sinn Féin Support Implode Over Government Policies


FLABBERGASTED at how easy it was to let anti-migrant sentiment fester causing Sinn Féin support to implode in on itself due to their lack of clarity around the subject, the coalition government is now expected to sit back and enjoy watching the entire shitshow unfold.

“Who knew that doing nothing to counteract the growing hatred for people entering our country would fall back on Sinn Féin,” a Fine Gael source told WWN today. “They’ve not only slipped in the polls but they’re now being called traitors by what should be their own head-the-ball supporters”.

With a torrent of ‘shinner’ death threats manifested in the form of poorly spelled graffiti appearing across the country, support for Sinn Féin and Fine Gael is tied at 23%, a substantial drop for Ireland’s republican opposition party over the past year.

“Hang the traitors!” cried one local man holding an Ivory Coast flag in Waterford today, who has never been vetted as he has never worked a day in his life, “Tommy Robinson is right; are own bleedin’ people are trying to replace us with gangs of rapey brown men with barbed mickies – Ireland is full! God save the King!”

Meanwhile, Finance Minister Michael McGrath said an estimated 30,000 asylum seekers could come into the State this year if current numbers continue, which should equate to another large drop in the polls for Sinn Féin.

“Good thing that these morons don’t blame the government for the government policies, otherwise we’d all be fucked,” our source concluded.