Israel Accuses Israel Of Antisemitism For Being Part Of ‘Antisemitic UN’


A FLIGHT bound for New York and filled with Israeli diplomats, which turned back in the direction of Israel after the UN Security Council shamelessly voted in favour of a ceasefire resolution, has been refused entry after Israel learned the Israeli diplomats were assigned to work by Israel at what Israel deems ‘the antisemitic United Nations’.

The decision to deny representatives of Israel entry to Israel comes after Israel learned of Israel’s membership of the UN despite the fact the UN Security Council passed a resolution calling for a ceasefire and an end to wanton murder and suffering; the clearest indication yet in Israel’s eyes that the international body is antisemitic.

“There’s no denying it, there’s nothing more antisemitic than being a member of an antisemitic organisation, which the UN is, and if Israel is a member than there’s little else Israel can do but condemn Israel,” confirmed Benjamin Netanyahu, feeling a headache coming on.

“I’m so incensed by this antisemitic ceasefire resolution but I’m even more incensed by Joe Biden’s administration abstaining from the UN vote, but not incensed enough to stop receiving $4bn in annual military aid from America,” concluded Netanyahu.

In retaliation against the conduct of the Israeli delegation to the UN, Israel confiscated land from Israel and gave it to Israelis.

Elsewhere, an exhausted UN Security Council is to take the rest of the year off after the tremendous success of agreeing to a non-binding ceasefire resolution just 5 months after the most recent iteration of the conflict began.