Putin Confirms One More Day Of Torture Before ISIS-K Terrorists Admit To Being Ukrainian Special Forces


RUSSIAN leader Vladimir Putin has again today insisted that Ukraine played a crucial role in the horrifying terror attack at a concert in Moscow’s Crocus City Hall, pleading with the public to give him one more day to conclusively prove it.

“It was definitely Ukraine, I’ll have proof in about the same time it takes to remove the fingernails from four sets of hands,” offered Putin, who insisted that terror suspects who claim to be members of ISIS-K suddenly change their mind after a third day of being beaten black and blue.

“Please listen to me, if anyone knows a false flag when they see one, it’s me. Remember, I’m the guy who orchestrated the 1999 Russian apartment bombings to create an excuse to launch the second Chechen War,” said Putin, while instructing the public not to read reports from weeks ago which detailed how foreign intelligence services warned Russia of a potential attack but were roundly ignored.

Putin went on to label the idea that Islamic extremists could have any reason to plot a heinous attack against a country which invaded Afghanistan and dropped chemical weapons on Syria and Chechnya as ‘ridiculous’.

The recently reelected leader pleaded with the public to give the FSB the required time to also fabricate links to US, UK, French, Finnish, Danish, German and Polish spies, and pop star Lady Gaga.

UPDATE: Putin can confirm that all despite having nearly all their teeth pulled from their mouths, the ISIS-K terror attackers have now mumbled a word that sounds close enough to the word ‘Kyiv’, thus proving Ukraine is responsible.