Here’s How The Country Is Celebrating The 1st Anniversary Of End Of Eviction Ban


TIME FLIES when you’re experiencing a housing crisis and record levels of homelessness. Can it really be a year since the government lifted the eviction ban?

If you find it hard to believe, one group who have no trouble with tracking it is the coalition government who have announced a plethora of glitzy and classy events to mark the triumphant occasion which will be take place over the coming weekend culminating in a masked landlord ball on the first of April in Dublin Castle where at least 25% of Irish TDs will be present.

Here’s the full event list:

Golf clubs up and down the country will offer landlord members the special Deposit Withheld cocktail at half-price.

Canadian pension funds specialising in investing in Irish property will send the world’s largest ever assembled bouquet of flowers to government offices.

The now annual landlord’s parade through Dublin will have some fun, tongue-in-cheek parade floats recreating those historic first evictions.

A number of people will be celebrating it with another anniversary; the milestone of reaching one year on their friend or family member’s couch.

A giant totaliser placed over the top of the GPO will count up all the money the government help renters save as a result of eviction ban increasing the number of landlords in the market thus alleviating demand and driving down prices.

Everyone queuing for food at soups runs and food banks will receive a ‘the coalition ended the housing crisis’ pin badge.

An Irish Independent funded play written by Fionnan Sheehan entitled ‘The Sad & Dangerous Day Art Became Politically Motivated’ about the traumatising Spicebag image depicting gardaí helping evict people will be staged in the 3 Arena.

Sinn Féin will light a candle for whatever saint has ensured they don’t get for grief for the fact their own party finance director Des Mackin has illegally converted office spaces into dodgy bedsits.

Simon Harris has promised to do a sponsored marathon of TikToks pledging to build a social housing unit for every 10,000,000 likes his TikTok receives.

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