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Revealed: Our Hospital Waiting List Blackspots

A NEW report into hospital waiting times has revealed that where you live in Ireland can determine how soon you are treated, kind of, WWN reports. The report, which pinpoints blackspot areas across the 26 counties, has left very little areas untouched, forcing the HSE to subsequently release areas where hospital waiting lists are not… Read more »

Pandemic Over, Again

THE government are considering easing restrictions at a meeting this weekend, following the news that the pandemic is mercifully over again for another while. Early closing hours and social distancing rules are all on the table at the meeting, following the news that the Omicron wave in Ireland appears to have peaked, and cases have… Read more »

Macron’s ‘Listen Here You Fucking Idiots’ Plea To Unvaccinated Not Going As Well As Planned

IN A BID to persuade those French people still reluctant to participate in the Covid-19 vaccination programme, French president Emmanuel Macron has stated he wants to be ‘a pain in the ass’ to unvaccinated people sparking widespread condemnation of his tone and language. “You think that’s bad, listen here you fucking idiots get the fucking… Read more »