Sea Levels To Rise By 10 Inches, Displacing Millions & Causing Refugee Crisis Anyway Here’s Your MTV VMA Highlights

A NEW study has provided the starkest warnings yet about the accelerated damage climate change could do, with the melting of Greenland ice caps seeing a 10-inch rise in sea levels even if carbon emissions are reduced. In the case of carbon emissions continuing at current rates a multi-metre sea-level rise appears likely but anyway… Read more »

RTÉ Banking Everything On Gritty €175m Morbegs Reboot

A GRITTY series about the lives of beloved children’s TV characters The Morbegs forms the cornerstone of RTÉ’s recently announced Autumn line-up, with director general Dee Forbes admitting that the show will ‘make or break’ the cash-strapped broadcaster. “I’ve seen some footage, and it’s harrowing,” said an RTÉ source today, working from home as the… Read more »

Celebrities You Thought Were Dead, Relieved Are Alive But Now Anxious About Thought Of Their Eventual Death

IT IS always such sweet relief when you discover a much loved and respected public figure is in fact, contrary to your spotty memory, still very much alive and doling out good vibes and smiles to the world. But now you’ve got this stabbing feeling in your gut that won’t quit, you’re sick with worry… Read more »