Animatronic Bouncer The Dog To Be Constructed By Boston Dynamics For Final Episode Of Neighbours

PRODUCERS of the long-running but sadly soon-ending Australian soap Neighbours are planning a big send-off for the final episode with dozens of returning characters but robotics company Boston Dynamic are currently running into problems with the real star of the show. “We’re 90% of the way there with a robotic Bouncer the dog,” said a… Read more »

Woman Who Paid For Own Drink On Date Knows Exactly What Tinder Swindler Victims Went Through

LOCAL woman Rachel Hynes cannot get over how much she empathises with the victims in Netflix documentary The Tindler Swindler, going as far as remarking ‘we’ve basically lived the same life’. “Preach sister, preach,” Hynes said as she watched victims of Tinder Swindler Simon Leviev speak of how he conned them out of money, bringing… Read more »

Man Never Financially Recovered From Blowing All His Pocket Money On Yu-Gi-Oh Cards As A Kid

LOCAL man Aaron Kileen is believed to be one of thousands of former children now struggling with the financial impact of a childhood addiction to Yu-Gi-Oh trading cards. “My credit rating isn’t in the toilet, it’s in the sewer. Financially speaking I’m in the ‘Graveyard’” confessed Kileen, a hollow shell of man unable to catch… Read more »