Stormzy Weather Warning Issued For Glastonbury

METEOROLOGISTS have administered a Stormzy weather warning for the Glastonbury music festival, with the BBC set to transmit pictures of the rare phenomenon experts say will occur at 22.15pm tonight and cause posh people to feel uncomfortable. It had been predicted the area would experience showers of banger after banger over the weekend, but political… Read more »

Majority Of Mentalists Not GDPR Compliant

A SHOCKING new report into data protection and the privacy of human beings has found that 99.7% of mentalists, mind readers, psychics, tarot card readers and magicians are not adhering to European General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). The report found that mentalists are not asking for any permissions when accessing people’s thoughts, despite the strict new guidelines being implemented across… Read more »

‘MeToo’ Claims Another Innocent Man Brought Down By Multiple Victims & Verifiable Accounts

SINCE the so-called #MeToo era emerged, the same regrettable pattern has replicated itself; innocent men in the entertainment industry are framed thanks to long standing rumours everyone was aware of, admissions of their own guilt and verified accounts of abusive behaviour. Each day, the feminist agenda reaches a new low in its attempts to bring… Read more »