Annoying Family On TikTok Think They’re The Flemings

LOCAL AUTHORITIES and the gardaí have been inundated with calls from the public, begging them to intervene in the case of one family on TikTok who clearly think they’re the next ‘Flemings’. “Doctors might say you can’t die from cringing at people’s videos but I have,” confirmed one TikTok user after stumbling upon the Mannigan… Read more »

WWN’s Christmas TV Guide

GET your red pens at the ready, the WWN Christmas guide is here to help you plot your strategic viewing course through the hell that is the holiday season. 20th December Ease into Christmas week with a fair-to-middling sized argument with your partner, spouse or family, safe in the knowledge that either RTÉ or Channel… Read more »

Promoting Baldwin Shooting Interview Like Epic TV Event A Very Normal Thing To Do, Confirms US TV

PLAINTIVE piano soundtrack and emotionally manipulative edits building to a crescendo with a string quartet – all elements US broadcaster ABC say will delight sick and twisted viewers rubber necking on the shooting which resulted in the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. “Ooh, honey look it’s like a movie trailer,” one enthusiastic viewer said of… Read more »