Hellraiser 2022 Review: Even Demons Are Woke Now

IN YET another blatant example of the radical left’s ongoing crusade to turn our children into an army of sexually confused perverts via the woke-ification of their favourite movies and TV shows, the new Hellraiser movie now features a transgender demon, because of course it does, writes WWN inhouse movie critic, Larry Gorman. What effect… Read more »

Been While Since Man Watched Young Guns

KENNETH Pellan has totted up in his head how long it’s been since he watched the 1988 Brat Pack western Young Guns after noticing it while scrolling through Netflix and holy Christ, it’s been at least 30 years. “Fuck, I’m old,” sighed 45-year old Pellan before stating that he must watch the movie, once considered… Read more »