REVEALED: Squid Game Season 2 Plot Leaked

FILE IT under ‘entirely predictable news’ as Squid Game, the international streaming smash hit for Netflix, is getting a second season. The show’s creator Hwang Dong-hyuk confirmed the news, delighting legions of fans around the world. Aside from the 2,000 new jobs the second series will create in the growing ‘Squid Game pop culture opinion… Read more »

‘Kin’ Final Episode Recap

STILL RECOVERING from RTÉ’s gangland drama? Relive all the twists, turns and shocks with WWN. If we omit any of your favourite bits we can only apologise but we missed a good 59 minutes of the final hour thanks to the RTÉ player repeatedly skipping on us. Escaping from prison and smuggled out to America,… Read more »