Car Passenger Constantly Trying To Show Driver Hilarious TikToks


MISSING the part of their brain which stops them from shoving a TikTok video feed into the direct eyeline of someone driving a car, local passenger and enjoyer of hilarious videos Shona Dwyer is insisting driver Kate O’Gorman look at this gas puppy on a trampoline right now.

“Have you seen your man who does the reviews of breakfast rolls? Oh my God what, hang on I’ll get him up for ya,” confirmed Shona shortly before blasting a video directly in front of her friend Kate just as she was coming onto a roundabout.

“Your one who does the lipsync videos, she’s pure gas,” added Shona in an unintentional bid to increase the chances of her friend crashing one hundred-fold.

A regular character flaw in many co-pilots, drivers have begun an awareness campaign centred around the key message of ‘no, really, if the video is so good just send it to my phone and I’ll look at it once I’m not merging onto the motorway, sound’.

“It’s nice that Shona is so at ease and relaxed in the car, my class driving having something to do with it no doubt, but this isn’t a Friday night on the couch – it’s the Tramore road, like cop on t’fuck,” confirmed Kate.

UPDATE: Kate is much easier to distract while driving when shown the latest pathetic Instagram story of that sad try-hard tramp who is now going out with her ex.