Trips To London, Interviews On Radio, Time To Read Books: We Reveal What It’s Really Like To Be Cancelled


IT’S THE hellish nightmare that no ordinary person would want to be plunged into. Cancellation.

‘Cancelville, population you’ is a phrase that sends a chill down the spine. And while ordinary folk will have little ability with their limited brains to conceive of what it is like to be cancelled, WWN consulted media and culture expert Jane Fownes who has analysed ex-RTÉ man Ryan Tubridy’s violent and sudden cancellation to find out.

1) First off, get paid your full wage for a month or two despite not working. Then get offered €170,000 a year to go back to work.

2) Loads of time to scroll Instagram.

Salem witch trials victims thought they had it bad being burned at the stake. Try having enough free time to read a dozen books every month.

3) A jaunt to London.

Take in a car show, look at some property, maybe catch a Paul McCartney gig in Mexico or Australia who knows, the world is your cancelled oyster.

4) Pose in a selfie with Piers Morgan, the disgraced former editor of a tabloid newspaper which hacked the phones of celebrities, politicians and members of the public while he was editor.

Okay, this does sound genuinely awful.

5) Be interviewed on UK radio by Chris Evans.

Nothing worse than being silenced.