Man Wasn’t Convinced Of Russell Brand’s Innocence Until Andrew Tate Came To His Defence


A LOCAL man with a tendency to occasionally let rational thought affect his perception of reality was nearly on the verge of condemning Russell Brand following a Dispatches documentary were it not for the intervention of women’s rights activist Andrew Tate.

“On the one hand a joint investigation from media outlets which took years and includes verified text messages, medical records and victim testimony is compelling but it’s not everyday you get someone as respected as alleged rapist, sex trafficker and fraudster Andrew Tate leaping to someone’s defence,” explains Waterford man Declan Putter.

Tate’s defence of Brand helped snap Putter out of reality and remind of the fact that the world is full of dangerous Hollywood elites who are all secretly pedos and guilty of the most heinous crimes imaginable that they try hard to conceal using their wealth and an army of lawyers.

“Well, I don’t mean multi-millionaire former Hollywood elite Russell Brand. Obviously I claim this sort of thing is happening all the time but ironically when I’ve been given credible evidence that this is the exact case with Brand, I refuse to believe it,” added Putter, who also noted Elon Musk, famous for offering an employee a horse in exchange for a happy ending massage, lent his support to Brand.

Brand’s case has been further bolstered by the fact conspiracy theorist and tormentor of the parents of murdered Sandy Hook children Alex Jones has also come to his defence.

“Why did it take so long for these women to come forward,” added Putter, a living, breathing reason why women take so long to find the courage and bravery to come forward.

Meanwhile, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are doing cartwheels over the fact something has taken the heat off them and have reiterated their letter writing hands are permanently out of commission.