TikTok Fined €300mn For Targeting Children When Still In The Womb


YET ANOTHER humongous fine has been levied on TikTok after the Irish Data Protection Commissioner found the app was targeting potential child users while they were still in the womb.

Already fined for breaches related to the processing of children’s data, the most popular social media app amongst children under 13 is accused of further courting of that lucrative demographic.

“The doctor was like, ‘oh lovely you’re having a boy’ and that’s when I saw the phone in my womb which was endlessly scrolling content clearly geared towards children who, according to regulations, are permitted on the app,” said soon-to-be mum Grace Leahy.

This news is set to dwarf the fines issued last week for a TikTok feature called ‘Family Pairing’ which meant a child’s account could be ‘paired’ with an unverified non-child user but TikTok did not verify whether this user was actually the child’s parent or guardian.

“I was overjoyed to feel my child kick for the first time but then I realised they were clearly doing a TikTok dance trend,” shared upset Mum-in-waiting Sarah Cloffey.

TikTok has denied all accusations it has targeted children in the womb but could provide no explanation for the increase in instances of a condition called ‘TikTok eyes’ whereby the children’s pupils were the pink and aqua orbs.

“Sorry, so so sorry. The EU has been up our arse over this. Please, please, please, please keep all your lovely taxable revenue in Ireland please. Promise not to be mad when we fine you for illegal transfer of user data back to China either,” confirmed a DPC official in tough-talking exchanges with TikTok.