Celebrity With Upcoming Allegations? Have You Tried Shifting To The Far Right For Support?


ARE you a well-known celebrity, politician or person in power who may have abused their position to manipulate, groom, control and assault people for your own sexual gratification? Are you looking for a strategic avenue which will garner support from similar, like-minded people who will literally defend you no matter how heinous a crime you commit? We’ve got just the playbook for you.

Gently shifting to a far-right conspiracy based, male dominated fan base has been proven time and time again as an easy go-to defence mechanism for any narcissistic sexual predator who has preempted a series of ‘allegations’ against him in the media. You can be far-left too, it’s all a horseshoe at the end of the day.

Nicknamed the ‘Tate modern’ of strategies, suddenly building a follower base of young and impressionable conspiracy focused males to counteract your sexual violations of impressionable young females is a sure-fire way to create some padding for those upcoming string of investigations and eventual court cases.

As today’s social media algorithms reward highly engaging right-wing based content, rage clicking are now these platforms’ last chance at engagement before inevitably being regulated into oblivion for the greater good of humanity. So why not use this one simple trick to desperately generate support for yourself under the guise of ‘they’re trying to silence me’, or, ‘the matrix are coming for me’.

Once you’ve spent huge sums of money on promoting yourself in videos as an online conspiracy theorist, tell your followers in advance that the big boogey man will probably one day come for you for simply ‘telling it like it is’. This will give the impression that your future arrests are not based on the fact you sexually assaulted dozens of human beings and used them as meat, but instead it’s all down to the New World Order being scared of your social media videos claiming the Jews are a reptilian race trying to implant mind controlling chips via vaccines.