Rugby Terms Explained


ENJOYING the Rugby World Cup so far but in need of having some rules and terms clarified? WWN Sports has got you covered:

Try line – uttered in pub toilets when someone is peer pressured into trying cocaine.

The breakdown – something someone new to rugby has when trying to understand what the breakdown is.

Red card – something that is deserved if given against a rival team but is harsh, verging on a grave injustice worthy of the International Criminal Court, if given against your team.

“Two sticks of Heinomite barkeep my good man” – phrase uttered to let you know to move as far away as possible from the person who uttered it.

Scrum – when players coagulate together in an attempt to melt into one another and form a jelly like substance and become one giant ball of rugby player based protein in the process. Loads of noises made.

“Heave, heave!” – something said when you have this awful feeling that England might be in with a chance of winning.

Peaking too soon – something that will be said about Ireland if they don’t win the World Cup final by a margin of 50 points.

Coming in from the side – answer not available until after the 9pm watershed.

Garry Owen/ Garryowen – Limerick man who was once kicked so hard up the arse by an opposing player, they named a big kick after him.

Conversion – when a rugby fan tries to convince you to watch the URC after the World Cup is over.

Offside – yeah, they’ve got a fucking offside rule in this too, can you believe it? The cheek.