WWN Reviews Sean Quinn’s New Book


WWN’s literary editor Peter Percival Penrose reviews Sean Quinn’s new book ‘In My Own Words’ which sets a new benchmark for getting paid to write any old shite.

“Freddie Mercury was the master of the pop vocal range, Laurence Olivier the undisputed master of the craft of act and Sean Quinn is the preeminent talent in the field of self-pity.

He is to honesty what Dave from Portmarnock is to expertise in cosmic events and meteorite identification.

The phrase ‘and obviously I had no idea about all that business’ frequently closes out passages in which Sean Quinn distances himself from various crimes.

Doing so little reflecting he might as well be a mirror with all the glass taken out.

There are certainly words, and many of them come together in a specific order to form sentences but that doesn’t make it readable.

In order to read the book you need a reading age ‘toddler who is incapable of telling the truth about who spilled the milk on the kitchen floor’.

The free Stanley blade given away with each book can be deemed in poor taste.

Over the book’s 242 pages the phrase ‘needless to say I had the last laugh’ appears 647 times, however it also include as asterisk which is followed by the words ‘he did not in fact have the last laugh’.

The opening pages include instructions to former Quinn employees to purchase 20 copies of the book each or else.

Sadly I was unable to read the last chapter as by the time I got to it Sean Quinn had already lobbied Google under ‘right to forget’ laws to remove it.