Big Brother: Henry’s Robe Slithers Out Of Bedroom Into Washing Machine Overnight


PRODUCERS of the reality TV show Big Brother said they cannot explain how a contestant’s robe suddenly took on a life of its own and slithered across the bedroom floor and into the washing machine overnight.

“It basically got up off the floor and tried to wash itself,” a source told WWN, “Henry has been wearing the robe constantly since he entered the house last month and we guess it was sick of lying in its own filth”.

Infrared night cameras caught the robe slowly slithering on the bedroom floor like a snake while everyone was asleep and managed to enter the washing machine in a desperate hint to Henry, anybody, to hit the cycle button.

“Unfortunately for the robe Henry eventually found it in the washing machine the next morning and just put it back on again without washing it,” producers confirmed, “we don’t see it being cleaned anytime soon”.

Sound engineers working on the program claimed they could also hear faint screams emanating from the robe.

The words “just fucking burn me” have been recorded along with wailing screams of agony every time the robe is put on.

“We’re not sure when the robe became sentient and if indeed it has any legal rights now, but hopefully it will be washed soon for everyone’s sake,” a source concluded.