Fans Slate Robbie Williams Documentary For Spending Entire Episode On Best Fry He Had In Slane


A NEW NETFLIX documentary about Robbie Williams has been slated by fans due to the former Take That man spending a full episode going into extensive detail on the best fry he ever had.

“I came for the car crash stuff; the celeb girlfriends, the substance abuse – what the fuck is this?” cried one fan on Instagram, as they sat through 60 minutes of Williams recalling, tearfully, feeling like he had touched the face of God, when he had an Irish breakfast the morning of his famous Slane gig.

“I counted it, 12 minutes drooling over Clonakilty black pudding, saying he’d swap all his success for another taste of it. When’s the bit about him riding Geri Halliwell coming up?” bemoaned another fan on Twitter.

McCarten Deli was the scene of Williams’ Irish breakfast, something he can’t get out of his head all these years later.

“Angels? Rock DJ? You can keep ’em, I’m still chasing the high of horsing into that breakfast,” Williams says in the episode titled ‘To Live Or Fry’.

Pushed on what he feels is the high point of his career in the documentary, Williams can’t help but circle back to the fateful morning before he performed to 80,000 devoted fans in Meath.

“Irish bacon is just different,” Williams concluded, staring down the barrel of the camera for an uncomfortable period of time before the screen faded to black.