“And That’s For Nathan Carter!” Says Ireland Pawning Tubridy Off On UK Public


IRELAND has confirmed a long-winded and complicated plot which would result in the pawning off of Ryan Tubridy to an unwitting public across the Irish sea as revenge for their crimes against Ireland (in the form of sending us country singer Nathan Carter) has been successful after the ex-RTÉ broadcaster secured employment at Virgin Radio UK.

“Overreacting to the flip flops was all part of an act we hoped would see Tubs out of the way,” admitted the Irish public, “the €150k he still hasn’t paid back for all that Renault/Late Late Show business, we do actually care about that, still livid in fact”.

Not everyone is happy with an escalation in tensions that will result from Tubridy taking to the UK’s radio airwaves in a mid-morning slot.

“This tit for tat has to end, so we’re lumbered with Carter but sending them Tubridy is extreme. If we’re not too careful Nigel Farage could end up on ‘Grá Ar an Trá'” said one worried member of the public.

The details of the radio slot, the pay and other assorted information are of no concern or interest as he’s England’s problem now, the public also sought to make clear.

“I suppose we in Ireland deserved the Carter horrors for giving the Brits Brian McFadden and his ‘Who’s Doing The Dishes’ TV show! But sometimes maybe you have to admit this is a disproportionate response; giving them Tubridy and the their memories of Jedward on the X Factor still so fresh,” cautioned one worried local.

Elsewhere, the 400 RTÉ staff that face being let go by the national broadcaster have said the news that Ryan Tubridy will be okay almost makes up for the loss of their jobs.