All The Celebrities Who Have Had Work Done According To Your Girlfriend


SETTLING IN for a night of casual TV viewing can also double up as a chance to enhance your knowledge and widen your education thanks to your girlfriend, who has an encyclopedic knowledge of celebrity cosmetic procedures.

Here are just some of the latest observations made by your girlfriend in the last 30 seconds as you flicked from programme to programme only to discover every famous person you see has in fact had the following done:

Selena Gomez – forehead folding, perma-derma-filters, kneecap botox.

Jodie Foster – nasal scraping, Brazilian Butt Escalator.

Ryan Gosling – nose internship, eye-misting, dimple excavation, internal thermal dermal journal.

Michelle Keegan – microwaved ears, big toe shaving, colon bleaching.

Joe Biden – wrinkle enhancement.

Benedict Cumberbatch – surname abrasion, pectoral shuffle.

Ariana Grande – hispanicafication.

Sarah Snook – lip emptiers, eyelid deflapping.

Kieran Culkin – loin tenderising.

Denzel Washington – nothing, the man’s perfect.

Jacob Elordi – plug draining, de-Australianing.

Dua Lipa – cheek explosion, third eye reduction, car freshener armpit scrapping.

Beyoncé – sock de-clogging, rotator cuff buffering, bbq thighs.

Dame Judi Dench – tits, lips, hips, lipo, you name it.