Sorry We Forgot What This Article Was About Because We Got Lost In Cillian Murphy’s Eyes


DUBLIN, IRELAND – There’s every chance this was meant to be an article about a hugely important world event, the sort that demands your attention but we stumbled upon this picture of Cillian Murphy and it was like nothing else in the known universe existed or mattered.

You don’t so much get lost in them as you willingly drag your whole being into the quicksand of those endless blues as they penetrate your soul, interrogate your being and become the cradle in which all your worries are rocked asleep before they disintegrate into a pleasing misty nothingness.

War? Injustice? New road marking plan announced by the county council? It is within the realm of possibility that this article was originally envisioned to cover such a topic yes, but Cillian’s gaze has us held in zero gravity suspension, unable and frankly unwilling to break from it.

What natural disaster could be arrogant enough to think it could offer something more entrancing than those piercing pools of perfection? Yes, it’s extremely unprofessional that we’ve taken leave of our senses to such an extent that we can’t remember the task we were supposed to be undertaking but we’re caught in his heavenly headlights like a deer and he can crash into us with all the might of an 18-wheeler for all we care.