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“Wow, Local Gay Man Doesn’t Even Act Gay” Confirm Coworkers

A LOCAL WATERFORD office was full to the brim with discussion as staff at Nealon Solutions dissected the behaviour, interests and mannerisms of one coworker they discovered was gay. According to the crack team of four employees decamped to the staff canteen, Rory Herrons (34), doesn’t fit any of the easily attributable stereotypes to homosexual… Read more »

Scientists No Closer To Eradicating Bumfluff

SCIENTISTS have apologised to the public for failing to find a way to effectively bring an end to the existence of bumfluff, that strain of pathetic facial hair which men occasionally allow to grow on their faces despite being aware of how ludicrous it looks. Bumfluff, grown by men incapable of growing proper beards, is… Read more »

5 Alternative Uses For Cheese Strings

THAT MIGHTY piece of cheesed snack has more uses than you think. WWN reveals five alternatives uses for the Cheesestring. Relay baton Staging a school sports day or competing in an Olympic final? No matter the occasion, no matter the stage, the Cheesestring is a durable multi-purpose item that can slot in effortlessly into your… Read more »