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Pathetic Student Doesn’t Even Have Chlamydia Yet

WATERFORD native Marcus Phelan is continuing to waste the best years of his life by studying and attending lectures, with sources close to the 18-year-old confirming that he hasn’t even picked up a sexually transmitted disease yet. Phelan, currently living in Dublin where he attends UCD, is said to be 100% disease and infection free,… Read more »

​ REVEALED: Leaked Tom Cruise Auditing Documents From The Church Of Scientology

WHISTLEBLOWER website Whisper Leaks has today released some 36,000 documents reportedly taken from auditing sessions carried out by the church of scientology on American actor Tom Cruise. In what is being called the biggest breach of information from the religious order to date, thousands of questions and answers about Mr. Cruise’s life were made public,… Read more »