What We Know About Drimnagh Shooting, According To This Waterford Neighbourhood Watch WhatsApp Group


THE SHOCKING shooting in Drimnagh, Dublin yesterday, believed to be gangland related has horrified many people who live in the locality and the surrounding areas.

As details continue to emerge rumours spring to life, social media runs wild and it can be hard to know what is credible information, and it is under these circumstances the Gracedieu Neighbourhood Watch Whatsapp Group in Waterford City has emerged as the foremost accurate sixhand account, forwarded screenshot resource in the country.

Here’s what we know so far:

“Hamas supplied the gun.”

“Our Ryan went out with a girl from Dublin, whose Mother’s sister’s aunt’s daughter’s cousin moved to Drimnagh there last year and they don’t let you own a house there unless you agree to become a drug dealer”.

“I’ve called the guards to report this but typical, wouldn’t even send a car out to us here”.

“Apparently this is a video from the incident, mad stuff US Fighter jets going in and everything, completely leveling the place, wait this an old invasion of Iraq video, sorry delete that now after sending it on to a few people”.

“Would you expect any less from them up in Dublin? Sure Tramore turns into a mini Kinahan/Hutch feud when the Dubs come down. I heard they eat their young too.”

“Thought I heard a few shots last night when I was in bed alright, this is why we need CCTV on the street guys, been saying it for ages”.

“Mate in Dublin sent me this; ‘it’s a 16 minute walk to Black Forge pub from the shooting, or a 30 second jog if you’re a roided up MMA fighter’. Hard not to make the obvious link, guards will ignore it though”.

“No spoilers for Kin season 3 feck sake”.

“That’s the Northside for you.”

“They wouldn’t last a second in Lisduggan boi”.