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Mother Knew It Wasn’t Son In ‘Hi Mum’ WhatsApp Message Scam As The Little Prick Never Texts

THE latest fishing scam attempting to retrieve victim’s financial information through a new ‘Hi Mum’ WhatsApp text message wasn’t fooling one Irish mother this week, who stated she knew straight away it wasn’t her prick of a son because he never contacts her, WWN reports. “I got excited for all about three milliseconds before coping… Read more »

Plane Tracker Shows Elon Musk’s Current Location

ELON MUSK has once again been on the receiving end of sympathy and support after heartless Twitter users shared the current location of his plane using publicly available information relating to planes and flight paths. Images circulated by several accounts revealed Musk’s current location to be somewhere up his own asshole, but what seems like… Read more »

Woman In Indian Restaurant Regretting Jumpsuit

ONE DUBLIN woman making a beeline for the toilets is cursing her decision to wear her jumpsuit to dinner at The Curry Pot restaurant. Eye witnesses confirm that Helen Crannon suddenly excused herself from the table she was dining at with several friends and was seen beginning the labour and time-intensive task of disrobing and… Read more »