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“I Couldn’t Have Done This Without The Help Of Some Pretty Terrifying Religious Extremists”

BENJAMIN NETANYAHU has thanked far-right nationalist and religious extremist politicians including convicted racist Itamar Ben-Gvir, stating that without their support he would not be on course to sweep back into power. “There’s no way embracing the religious extremists too extreme for a significant number of Israelis will come back to bite me in the caboose,”… Read more »

Price Of Coconut Must Have Gone Up

“WE took a survey and people said they didn’t like them” has been cited by Mars Wrigley as the reason why tubs of Celebrations this year will not feature miniature Bounty bars, but insiders have leaked a much more believable explanation. “We went to a meeting of all the chocolate distributors and at the end… Read more »

No Evidence That Relying On Handful Of Multi-Nationals For Majority Of Tax Intake Could Back Fire In Anyway

POLICY experts and government advisers have confirmed once again that the vast bulk of the Nation’s corporation tax revenue coming from a handful of companies is merely a sign of an incredibly secure, vibrant and in no way overexposed economy, WWN can reveal. Latest exchequer figures show the State is on course for a record… Read more »