Covid Inquiry ‘Should Not Be About Pointing Fingers’, Taoiseach Says Pointing At Stephen Donnelly


POINTING frantically at current Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has stressed that any forthcoming inquiry into the state’s handling of the Covid-19 pandemics should not be a ‘finger pointing exercise’ while simultaneously miming the words ‘it was all egg heads fault’ repeatedly at press.

“I was a Minister for Health waaaay before Covid happened in 2016 and it was only for a year so I can’t really be blamed for the state Donnelly has it in, sure I was only Taoiseach” the fully qualified doctor explained, not one to shy away from passing the buck, “if only I was allowed continue my role there instead of the being elevated to leader of Fine Gael, everything would be so different right now”.

Varadkar, who’s party has been in power since 2011 with no real change seen to HSE waiting times unless you include ‘managed decline’, stated he was very confident that Stephen Donnelly will survive this bus he’s about to be thrown under during an inquiry later this year.

“Again this isn’t a blame-assigning exercise but if we were to blame anyone I suppose we couldn’t just blame everything on just one Minister for Health,” he added, “let us not forget Simon Harris was also in the job during Covid just so if anyone should take the blame it’s that after-my-job prick”.

Since returning as Taoiseach last month, Mr. Varadkar has suddenly and miraculously found all the answers to the big issues facing Irish society, with his press team releasing up to 200 soundbites a day promising he’ll fix Ireland… again.