Man Nailing This ‘Wet January’ Trend


BRAVELY fighting against the relentless peer pressure that friends and coworkers exert on him as they partake in Dry January, one local man has won praise for going against the grain.

“Fair play to him, that takes guts,” said one observer of Michael Gayle, who is 4 days into Wet January, a new trend which seeks to undo decades of toxic Irish culture surrounding the month of January.

Sick of just going with the crowd, Gayle (28) had spent much of the busy end of year and Christmas period agreeing to coffee catch ups with friends but is now vowing priortise himself and listen to his own body this January.

“People are forever trying to cajole or pressure you into a few minerals, a rock shandy here, a tap water there. It can be pretty suffocating,” admitted Gayle from his bar stool at O’Malleys Pub.

“January can be a tough month in that sense, the socialising pressure – everyone asking you to go on walks or to get brunch. I don’t think people realise the damage they do when they refuse to acknowledge how pervasive this all is,” added a strong-willed Gayle, four days into Wet January.

Gayle is just one of many young Irish people fighting against the slow creep of dryness which is at risk of clouding people’s outlook to the point they are mentally closed off from discovering the variety of options open to people looking to get smashed this January.

“It’s gas, I genuinely have some friends that can’t even socialise in the evening in a pub. It always has to be on their terms, during the day, with an activity and lots of water. They’ve no idea how ingrained their behaviour has become and how reliant they are on this sort of stuff. I’m glad I was finally brave enough to break out of all that,” Gayle said, in between vomiting up his kebab down a laneway.