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Van Gogh Self-Portrait Removed From Museum After Being Accused Of Following Women Around The Room

FOLLOWING troubling reports that it has made museum visitors feel uncomfortable, a painting by Vincent Van Gogh has been removed from the museum that bares his name. “We apologise to those affected and will deal with the self-portrait after an independent inquiry is conducted into its behaviour,” confirmed one museum curator. Initially the museum had… Read more »

What Seeing Each Bird Means For You

BIRDS appearing out of thin air and into your eyeline can having many meanings, often spiritual but just what does each individual bird’s appearance signify. A hopeful message or a warning from the spirit realm? WWN reveals all: Robin A loved one’s spirit is close by. Eagle Courage. Rebirth. Or if it looks like it’s… Read more »

BAFTAs Confirm Name Change To The IFTAs

ACKNOWLEDGING the substantial number of nominations for Irish productions, in front of and behind the camera, the BAFTAs will formally change its name to ‘the IFTAs’ to avoid confusion and reflect the fact this is Ireland’s awards ceremony now. “Last thing we’d want is people thinking these are British actors or films, seeing as they… Read more »

Crazy How Nordies Can Understand Each Other

LINGUISTS around the world have admitted that they’re ‘stumped’ when it comes to understanding how people from Northern Ireland have managed to form a language consisting of nothing more that high-pitched whines and snorts, WWN can report. “There are chimpanzee communities in the deepest jungles of the world that can communicate using thirteen to fourteen… Read more »

Everything You Need To Know About The National Party

FRONT and centre at recent anti-immigrant protests, the National Party along with other far-right groups appear to a growing influence in Irish society. Here’s everything you need to know about the National Party: Untreated mental illness remains a huge problem in Ireland. Founded in 2016, the party retains the cognitive ability of a 7-year-old. You… Read more »