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Things We Learned From The Census Results

THE CENSUS results are in, and just like your recent STI screening, there were a few surprises. What information has been gleaned from Census 2022? WWN is here to fill you in: Ireland’s population has surpassed 5 million for the first time since 1841 so just keep a very close eye on the Brits is… Read more »

Empty Red Wine Bottles Acting All Innocent On Kitchen Table Like They Didn’t Just Fuck You Six Ways To Sunday

INNOCENTLY towering over a red stained kitchen table laced with cigarette ash and cheese crumbs, several empty bottles of wine stood silently in unison like they didn’t just fuck you six ways to Sunday. “Whose idea was it to open a fourth bottle last night,” your dehydrated head asks rhetorically, before flashbacks confirmed it was… Read more »

EU Turn To Israel For Gas As Russia Continue Committing War Crimes On Land That Isn’t Theirs

WITH THEIR conscience preventing them from buying Russian gas, knowing the proceeds would fund the committing of war crimes on land that isn’t Russia’s, the EU has turned to Israel in a bid to supply the fossil fuel. “An occupying force unwilling to honour international agreements nor basic humanity as it deprives people of their… Read more »