All The Ways To Succeed In Life That Don’t Require Hard Work & Persistence


MANY PEOPLE rightly feel it has never been tougher to succeed in life and propel yourself into circumstances which deliver a better, safer and more rewarding life.

Far from being a hard thing to achieve, WWN has cracked all the ways to achieve your life goals without forcing yourself into needless hard work and persistence.

1) Bank robbery

What is it? A few days of planning max, for 20 minutes of work (in and out of the bank) and then you’re set for life. Don’t listen to people telling you to go to college or upskill.

2) Being born into a life of privilege and wealth

Hit the motherload by profiting off the hard work and persistence of your own parents, or if your inherited wealth goes back far enough you may even be profiting from some ancestor you absolutely do not want to look up information on because you know it’s shady.

3) Compo claim

Break a nail and claim an easy 60 grand while also helping large corporations to convince the public that there needs to be limits on payouts so their profits are protected from their malfeasance and negligence.

4) White collar crime

Technically not even a ‘crime’ crime in Ireland and other countries, exploit little not-quite-legal loopholes here and there to enrich yourself using insider trading or whatever contacts you’ve built up. Note: this is only possible if point no.2 applies to you.

5) Steal someone else’s identity

Some people would say getting plastic surgery to look exactly like the person you are planning on killing and replacing is ‘a lot of work’, but what’s the alternative? Spending years working hard to build up your relationship and wealth like a person who’s identity you’d be better off stealing? Hardly.

6) Marry someone who has their shit together

Don’t sign a prenup, and over a number of years add too much salt to their meals in the hope of helping them develop heart disease.