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Woman In Indian Restaurant Regretting Jumpsuit

ONE DUBLIN woman making a beeline for the toilets is cursing her decision to wear her jumpsuit to dinner at The Curry Pot restaurant. Eye witnesses confirm that Helen Crannon suddenly excused herself from the table she was dining at with several friends and was seen beginning the labour and time-intensive task of disrobing and… Read more »

Dublin Zoo Defends New Social Welfare Recipients Enclosure

A CONTROVERSIAL new enclosure at Dublin Zoo has become the source of intense debate among the public, with many defending being given the chance to observe and study the social welfare recipient of the species just in time for the arrival of the Christmas bonus payment. “Some are already demanding its closure, but I quite… Read more »

Haaland Given New Software Update After Liverpool Defeat

SEVERAL behind-the-scenes members of Manchester City’s technical support staff have been fired in the wake of the club’s 1-0 defeat to Liverpool after failing to update Erling Braut Haaland’s software, WWN Sports can reveal. “It’s the easiest job in the world to tick ‘yes’ to automatic updates. Should have been the first you did after… Read more »

Been While Since Man Watched Young Guns

KENNETH Pellan has totted up in his head how long it’s been since he watched the 1988 Brat Pack western Young Guns after noticing it while scrolling through Netflix and holy Christ, it’s been at least 30 years. “Fuck, I’m old,” sighed 45-year old Pellan before stating that he must watch the movie, once considered… Read more »