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Woman Might Wear Good Pajamas Today To Feel Fancy

“DON’T dress for the lockdown you’re in, dress for the lockdown you’d like to be in” said Waterford woman Sheila McTavert this morning, changing out of her ‘nighttime’ pajamas and into her ‘daytime’ pajamas. McTavert, 32, opted for a fresh pair of PJs this morning having spent the majority of last week working from home… Read more »

‘Alien V. Farrow’: WWN’s Review

THE long-running Alien franchise returns to screens this summer with a stunning new instalment that re-imagines the sci-fi horror masterpiece as a more grounded, Earth-based take featuring veteran actor and activist Mia Farrow. “We needed someone who could bring that sense of strength in the face of grotesque adversity, the essence of a woman who… Read more »

Tiger Woods Emerges From Surgery With Golf Club For Leg

RELIEVED that 15-time major winner Tiger Woods’ suffered multiple fractures in his ankle following a crash yesterday but avoiding life threatening injuries, there was further welcome news for golf fans as Woods emerged from UCLA medical centre showing off his new experimental golf-club-for-a-leg surgery. Famous for battling through countless injuries and trying to eek out… Read more »

Nation Driven Demented At This Stage

REACTING to the combination of ongoing abysmal communication by the government and the fact lockdown is to be extended by a minimum of 6 weeks, the Irish public has confirmed it has officially been driven demented. “The Taoiseach’s probably on the TV now to tell us what we’ve already known for a week because the… Read more »