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Revealed: Donald Trump’s ‘Type’

PRESIDENT Donald Trump has responded to the latest allegations of sexual assault by stating in very frank terms that his accuser ‘is not his type’ when it comes to sexual assault, which seems to us to be a pretty watertight defence against claims of impropriety. But if E. Jean Carroll, or indeed any of the… Read more »

Garda Bodycams To Come With ‘Selective Recording’ Option

THE Government is expected to sign off on legislation today which paves the way for the use of Garda body cameras to help provide officers with their own recordings of situations they encounter on their beat, if they decide to press record. Mirroring better run jurisdictions due to an ongoing lack of imagination, Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan will ask his Cabinet colleagues for… Read more »

The Truth Behind The Johnson Argument

THIS PAST weekend saw Tory leadership favourite Boris Johnson being systematically targeted by the gutter press who will stop at nothing in their campaign to just sit back and let him fuck it up all by himself. Before pulling out from the Sky News debate, and long after failing to pull out of any woman… Read more »

WWN’s Weekend Sport Recap

ANOTHER WEEKEND, another action-packed 48 hours filled with sporting delight. WWN was there for every kick of a ball, stride of a leg, puff of cheeks, vomit on side of pitch because you decided to go out the night before and really don’t have the lungs for Sunday league anymore. Catch up with WWN Sports,… Read more »

“When’s Straight Pride?” Asks Local Dose

GREETED with the news that across the world, communities are celebrating Gay Pride, one intrepid idiot has launched a campaign to know why he can’t have a ‘straight pride’. John Kinty (32), known widely as a dose by anyone who has had dealings with him, has demanded to know when he can heterosexually be heterosexual… Read more »

Irish Army Deployed To Narnia

MEMBERS of the Irish Army Rangers have been deployed on a peacekeeping mission to the war-torn land of Narnia, on a tour that is expected to finish up in time for some heartwarming reunion footage at Christmas, WWN can reveal. A wing of the elite fighting unit received Dáil approval to join a UN Force… Read more »