Historical Expert Just Sitting Down When Rick From Pawn Stars Rings Again


A NEVADA historian has tearfully opened up for the first time about the strain placed on his marriage by the constant calls for help from his ‘buddy’ Rick Harrison, star of the popular TV show Pawn Stars.

“There’s only so many times you can be on a date night with your wife only to be interrupted by Rick ringing to find out whether or not this is really John F. Kennedy’s signature on a cocktail napkin handed to a waitress in 1960 before you’re looking at divorce,” sobbed Arn Sooter, who fans of the long-running show may remember from many episodes where Rick and the gang needed help with a valuation.

“On the show, all you see is Rick saying ‘lemme call a buddy of mine’ and then the next shot, I walk into the store. What you’re not seeing is the rows with my wife because she’s just put dinner on the table and now I have to run off. Or the disappointment in my kids’ faces when I have to miss yet another milestone in their lives to go help Rick convince some dumbass that no, that isn’t Hitler’s signature on a Micky Mantle rookie card”.

Sooter, 57, goes on to say his marriage is in a much better place now that he has agreed to set some boundaries with Harrison, adding that he now only answers if ‘Rick is really ringing to speak to a buddy, not an expert’.

“If he wants to ring me up to shoot the shit, that’s fine,” said Sooter, switching his phone to silent during a designated ‘no Rick’ time.

“But we had gotten to a place where he only rang me when he wants something, and that wasn’t on”.

Meanwhile, Rick and the rest of the Pawn Stars team have been advised to only offer ’50 bucks or so’ if they’re unsure of the value of something and none of Rick’s pals are picking up the phone at the time.

“That’s how they do it on Hardcore Pawn,” added Sooter.