Rare Crazy Prices Plastic Bag Sells For €100,000 At Auction


HORDES of art collectors were wedged into the narrow auction room in deVeres in Dublin as an incredibly rare item was up for grabs.

“Lot 61 is a mint condition Crazy Prices plastic bag, in fact it’s listed price of €55,000 is largely down to it being an entirely wrinkle and crease free bag,” said auctioneer Frank B. Salmond before bidding commenced.

Bidding was fierce and frantic for the item which was imbued with immense nostalgic value and is one of the few Crazy Prices bags that was housed in a protective frame rather than fished out of a local river.

Appraisers and rare artifacts enthusiasts packed out the auction room and the phones were hopping as bids came thick as fast. A competitive back and forth emerged between a retail supermarket ephemera collector and a hipster drunk on nostalgia for a time they are far too young to remember.

The winning bid of €100,000 came from 23-year-old hipster and 90s enthusiast Freya Falstaff.

“This is an investment with one eye on the future, the 90s have made a massive comeback and this item will only grow in value since Zendaya was pictured wearing a Crazy Prices bag dress,” explained Falstaff, who also picked up a first edition Busy at Maths 3 book signed by all members of Boyzone.

“If anything I think I underpaid,” concluded Falstaff before telling auctioneers to ring her if any of them get their hands on the pilot episode of Saved By The Bell on floppy disc.