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Dublin Zoo Defends New Social Welfare Recipients Enclosure

A CONTROVERSIAL new enclosure at Dublin Zoo has become the source of intense debate among the public, with many defending being given the chance to observe and study the social welfare recipient of the species just in time for the arrival of the Christmas bonus payment. “Some are already demanding its closure, but I quite… Read more »

400 True Crime Podcasters Injured In Crush Outside Courts As Regency Murder Trial Begins

AMBULANCES are treating 400 true crime podcasters for minor injuries after they descended on the Special Criminal Court in anticipation of the commencement of Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch’s trial for allegedly murdering of Kinahan Cartel member David Byrne in 2016 at the Regency Hotel. Such is the feverous excitement among true crime fanatics, hundreds of… Read more »

Odlums Introduce Self Raising Children

DEPARTING from their usual offerings of baked goods, porridge and other products Oldums food scientists revealed their latest creation which is set to revolutionise the family raring business, WWN can report. Leaning heavily on the proprietary technology used to create their range of self raising flours, Odlums have developed the first self raising children who… Read more »

Dubliners Assured We Know What They Mean

THERE is no longer a need for people from Dublin to enquire ‘d’you know what I mean?’ at the end of every sentence, after the nation came together to stress that they heard them the first time. “We know what you mean, you don’t have to ask,” came the impassioned plea from the nation, following… Read more »