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Landlord Has Brother Moving Home From America, Again

WATERFORD landlord James Caughlan has regrettably informed the tenants at one of his properties that he needs them to vacate the premises, as he has a brother coming home from America who needs somewhere to stay and while Caughlan would rather keep his source of income from the house, this is family damn it. “Believe… Read more »

Meet The Irish Start Up Getting Into Business With Hezbollah

AN UNQUENCHABLE thirst for innovation – that’s what’s driving one Irish business group. And that indefatigable desire to innovate at every turn has led the risk takers at Kinahan OCG to partner with Hezbollah, a market disruptor with decades of experience. Using Hezbollah’s logistics software and payment processing system Hawala, Kinahan OCG have already processed… Read more »

Government Give Greenlight To ‘MetroLink Australia’ For Nation’s Emigrants

SEQUESTERING funding earmarked for the proposed Dublin MetroLink to the airport, the Department of Transport has decided to streamline the process by digging a MetroLink directly to Australia. “With 7 in 10 young people contemplating emigration because…well, have you looked around this place lately? This fact coupled with the impending recession we thought the OzTunnel… Read more »